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About Us

About our "Maritime transport department"...

       There are usually two types of services in our department. One is seaman shore service, That is, the official job. And the other is seaman ship service.

Overview of shore services (Official service):

                This is a fully official service. This service does not matter on-board. There is no need for a second level document verification to join this service. Candidates can easily join this division. Before joining, a candidate's skill tests and interview tests are conducted. After passing these exams, the candidate is taken to the department according to the rules. However, this service is more competitive than the seamanship service.

Our project:-

      Welcome to all of you from AICSM BOARD. First of all you need to know what is an EMK course (Elementary Marine Knowledge) ? This course is generally divided into two parts, The first one is Document Verification and the second one is to join the seaman service to be aware of its rules and regulations. After completing these two types of tasks, The candidate is processed in the second step. And the second step involves 14 months of training for a candidate's seaman service. And after 14 months of training completely successful, the candidate is employed in the same department. And the candidate is running this job till the age of 60. And get all kinds of opportunities with the job. Take for example rationing items, Medical Facility, Increment, More like this.

Overview of Maritime transport  department:

      Now you need to know what is the seaman service ? This service is a Maritime transport department, under the issuing authority Directorate General of Shipping, Ministry of Shipping, Government of India. This service is fully Central government undertaking permanent civil service. Here the candidate can serve up to 60 years as his age. Where you will find all types of Central government undertaking services. For example, increment, promotion, Rationing, Medical Facility, Travelling charge, Provident fund, gratuity and more. The training time is 14 months and Rs. 10000/- stipend is given in training time (including all pay) After the training while the candidate is in the job then you get Rs. 30 thousand to 70 thousand.

Concepts About Selection Process:

      First, a notification is issued for vacancies, at all over India basis. Then, candidates apply online at our official website www.aicsmindia.org , After the application submission date has been completed, The department scrutinizes the applications and works on accept and Reject. If there is anything wrong with the application, it is rejected. Then the Merit is created from within the Accepted Application. After creating the merit list, certain candidates are given their selection letter. Each candidate can find his own Result by official website, In this case, his result is to be search through the application number and his own date of birth. Remember that all types of information and different types of letter are sent to the candidate's own registered email id. No correspondence is sent to any other mail id if the candidate's registered email id is incorrect. That means the service can be difficult to join. After giving the selection letter to the selected candidates, Candidate: He continues to create his own documents. The list of documents is listed in the Selection Letter Instruction box. Candidates are given appointment letter for Document Verification soon after sending the Selection Letter. Document verification is generally done in two ways, One is the online method, the other is the offline method. While online, the candidate may not have to leave anywhere, from his own registered mail ID, scans specific documents, and sends to the department's specific email ID. And if offline, the candidate at the branch has to go to a specific branch and submit certain documents. Candidates are given the name and address of the administered branch, along with the appointment letter in their registered email id. Departments decide what kind of document verification candidates will have, whether online or offline. After successfully completing the document verification, Then join the service.

Concepts About Document Verification:

      Document verification is generally divided into two sections namely, First Step Document Verification and Second Test Document Verification. For the first step document verification, an appointment letter is provided by mail. There is also an attachment with that specific mail, A few PDF files are provided in the specified attachment, Specific PDF file’s provide all types of details. That is, a list of first step and second test documents can be obtained from the specified PDF. Second Step Document Verification is be after the completion of the first step documents verification. The second step Document Verification is to create a joining Document. All document verification updates are updated on the official website. In this case, the candidate can find out his / her own status in the same way as the result.

Discussion about Second step Documents Verification:-

         For second step document verification, all Joining documents have to be created. You can create these documents yourself. Or can be create it through the "AICSM BOARD". One thing to remember is that, in the list of Second Step Documents Verification, documents numbered 2,3,4,5 & 6 are pre paid value added service. These value-added services are provided by specific institutes And Government of India. You can create for second step documents by AICSM BOARD, Charge of Rs. 10000/- with (18% GST Extra) non-refundable money excluding Institute charge (Pre paid value added service). After all the documents have been successfully verified, the candidate is given a join letter to join the service, usually within four weeks. (Remember one thing, Creating documents directly from the institute costs that much money. Candidates receiving 'Processing Tickets' are given full certificates in exchange for half their money)

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